900m2 offices rented !

We have rented 900m2 office space for Vastint in Whitepark !!

New tenants: Pieteres bouwtechniek and Bluerise

Below the press release from Vastint:

Vastint has leased 900 m2 office space in its office complex Whitepark in Delft and has extended the lease of 7,100 m2 of office space.
Vastint leases 8,000 m2 of office space in Delft
Whitepark Poortweg 4-6 in Delft

The companies Pieters Bouwtechniek and Bluerise have agreed long-term leases with landlord Vastint for a total of 900 m2 of office space in Whitepark. Ingenieursbureau Pieters Bouwtechniek leases 560 m2 office space in the building at Poortweg 4. Sustainable energy technologist Bluerise leases 340 m2 office space in the building at Poortweg 6.

Existing lease agreements with Intecsea (2,300 m2), BPD (2,600 m2), Stantec (1,500 m2) and TSA Group (700 m2) have been extended by Vastint. These extensions account for a total of 7,100 m2 of office space. Whitepark consists of two modern white buildings at the entrance and exit of the A13 motorway within walking distance of the center of Delft.

Whitepark was completely renovated a few years ago with a lot of attention being paid to quality, quality of life and sustainability. Vastint's interests were represented by Bjornd Makelaardij in the realization of the lease agreements with Pieters Bouwtechniek and Bluerise. Pieters Bouwtechniek was advised on this transaction by TW Office Advisors.
First publication by Editors on 18 January 2018
Last update: 18 Jan 2018


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