Selling with Duokoop

You want to sell your property . The current crisis is not sold your home , you will not even reply to your property . By listing your property with Duokoop scheme , the purchase price will be significantly lower than your current asking price . This is because your current asking price is reduced by the ( appraised ) value of your land . The advantage of listing your property with the Duokoop scheme is that any buyer this lower purchase price often can finance .

We may also use the Duokoop scheme for your home . With the knowledge of the appraised value of the land we can offer your property at a lower purchase price.If we have found the house with the Duokoop scheme wish to buy , then a buyer following the day of delivery a split sale. You will receive the full purchase price as a seller , split into a part of the purchase price for the building and a portion of the purchase price for the land . Both amounts will be added is the full purchase price . Of course, the property can be sold . Duokoop without the scheme The final choice is the purchaser . As a seller need to do anything except give us the mandate to offer . Duokoop the house with the scheme

benefits :- The house is for a lower amount offered : wider audience ;- In most circumstances , there is a quicker sale time ;- You always retain the right to sell your property in full ownership .

Want to know if your property is eligible or want more information on this scheme and the registration cost? Please contact Bart Hendriks or Rens Jeursen , they are recognized Duokoop advisor .

Buying a home via Duokoop

As a buyer you probably recognize it : you have seen your dream house - the house where you would like to live like - only it is a bit too expensive for you . The assessment criteria of banks in providing a mortgage are very strict . If you do not comply with all rules , there is no mortgage loan and you can not buy your dream home .

The scheme brings Duokoop buying your dream home might within your reach . If you purchase using the Duokoop scheme need to buy only the house and not the land . The Duokoop scheme issued in leasehold land and 'rents' you therefore the ground.

The financial consequences of buying their own homeTo buying their own home are burdens that come back periodically . You must think of the following charges:- The monthly rate for the mortgage loan ;- Owner of the property tax ;- Insurance for home insurance ;- Maintenance costs.

This list should also actually paying off the mortgage. The repayment is however mentioned separately because repay the mortgage is actually a form of saving. Each month, the mortgage debt a little bit. What costs are associated with the mortgage depends on the chosen mortgage .

When buying the Duokoop scheme except you get above costs also monthly pay . A canon The height of the canon is roughly equivalent to the interest paid . On a mortgage loan

costs buyerOnce you pay when purchasing the house cost to owner. These are one-time costs and should include the transfer tax , notary fees and land registry fees.

The financing of home ownership - National Mortgage GuaranteeMost home buyers have to pay the purchase price a mortgage loan needs . For buying a home based on the Duokoop scheme can be obtained a mortgage loan . Not all banks are willing to provide on the basis of the scheme Duokoop a mortgage loan. Some banks are willing to provide information only in connection with a mortgage loan NHG and other banks are willing to leave with or without NHG guarantee a mortgage loan.

The Duokoop regulation was submitted to the Homeownership Guarantee Fund , which provided the NHG . The Homeownership Guarantee Fund has indicated that conditions of the NHG have no restrictions on the landowner , so that can be obtained . On a mortgage under the NHG Duokoop

Indicates Duokoop control restrictions you ?The Duokoop scheme gives you no restrictions . You are free to do it and leave your home . You may make any adjustments in your home you want. Want to sell your property , then you are free to do so. You have no obligation to offer to the fund and you do not have to share with the fund. Any profit on the property Does your buyer prefer to have full ownership of the property , rather than a property with the Duokoop scheme? This can , for simultaneously with the sale of your home you can purchase additional land and then immediately sell it to your buyer.

tax consequencesThe Duokoop scheme is assumed that the property ( fully ) qualifies as " private property " within the meaning of Article 3:111 Income Tax Act 2001 . However That is not the case if your home free of mortgage and then sell your land . when purchasing a home on leased the canon that you have to pay on the basis of current tax laws and regulations qualifies in principle can therefore be settled in box as deductible costs of home ownership . Both the mortgage and the canon in box 1 1.

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