Helpmee / Give us a hand: your buyer may be close

We put your property on Funda and various other portals. We inform our own extensive network and place your property on our website.

There is an important network, that we not have been a reach without your help. That is your own social network. To experience shows an interesting network with lots of potential. With HelpMee light that you simply network and we will provide follow-up and the best deal.

Your social network

Your social networking extends beyond itself you can imagine. In 4 steps you can reach in theory the entire Netherlands. With HelpMee you can reach a large group of these people. The buyer, you are looking for your home, is often closer than you think. With HelpMee you or one of your MeeHelpers, will be focussing the potential buyers on your home.

Simple for everyone

HelpMee is simple for anyone to use. An email address is sufficient to effectively HelpMee to get started. Do you also have access to a Facebook, Hyves, LinkedIn and / or Twitter account? Which also allows you to HelpMee very efficient use in the promotion of your property.

Up to date!

It is important that the information on the home that is available through the various media, is the same everywhere. Nothing is more annoying than different prices and pictures in the market. Therefore synchronizes HelpMee every day with our website. So send your MeeHelpers and always the right information on the Internet.

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