Interior styling for optimal presentation

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You only get one chance to make a good first impression! Therefore, the presentation of your home plays an important part in the sales process. That first impression potential viewers already have on the Internet: a good photo presentation invites to see your house. And during the tour, it is important that your home is optimally presented.

In practice it often appears that viewers find it difficult to see through personal belongings, furnishings, certain colors and furniture. Unfortunately, they are not seeing the full potential the property can offer!

A house stylist can like no other, often with minimal resources, make a house as attractive as possible to potential viewers.

With styling, you increase your chances of a quick sale and a good price.

We work together with BrickmediaTo our clients we provide a practical booklet with some examples of in our eyes optimal home presentation. We give in conjunction with our stylist practical tips and advice on styling your home, before the photographer and potential buyers come.

We find it very importance to give a good first impression of your home. We do everything to make a visit as successful as possible. Good luck with the sale!

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