A temporary hire via the Leegstandwet

Is your home for sale and itis not sold yet? It is possible to rent your property under terms of the Leegstandwet. In the Netherlands the protection of tenants properly regulated by the Civil Code. This may mean that for the landlord it can be complicated to give notice on the lease. The Leegstandwet makes it possible to temporarily rent your property where the rent control provisions of the Civil Code do not apply. Well there are a number of requirements associated with the renting in accordance with the Leegstandwet.

For rent via the Leegstandwet you need a permit from the municipality where the property lies. This permit is valid for five years.

The lease must be valid for at least six months. For the landlord a notice period of three months. For the tenant a notice period of up to one month.

The lease automatically ends when the license expires.

The lease must always be in writing and it must clearly appear that it is temporary rental under the Leegstandwet.

The owner of the property must demonstrate, at least the last 12 months prior to the time when the house is empty come to stand himself to have lived. The house is in the 10 years prior to the license, not more than three years, whether or not consecutive, in whole or in large part been rented housing.

So there are more demands on the lease and the rent under the Leegstandwet where we can inform you all about. Failure to comply with the requirements of the hiring under the Leegstandwet be met, the landlord can not rely on the non-application of the rent control provisions.

We can arrange the permit for you

We can arrange the permit at the municipality for you.

In addition, most municipalities form what must be completed. If we make the request you must have a power of attorney to sign that we may act on your behalf. The procedure usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks.


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Tijdelijke verhuur via de Leegstandwet
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