Central heating kettle malfunction

Most times you can fix the problem yourself

Do you have malfunction in the central heating system ?

The 2 most common malfunctions you can fix your self:

Ventilating the heating system radiators

Do you hear bubbling noises in the radiators or does your heating make tikking sounds? Or does the radiator not become fully warm? Then there might be air in the system. You can fix the problem by airing the heating system.

In the video you can see how this is done:

Filling your heating systeem/kettle with water

Has the sytem shut down or the heat is less then usual ? Probably the water pressure in the kettle is to low. You can see this on the (mano) meter of your kettle. If the water pressure is correct the dail is in the green part. This usually reeds in between 1 and 2 bar. If the meter is in the red part (less then 1 bar); u have to fill the system with extra water to create pressure..

In the video is shown how this can be done:

If you cannot fix the problem yourself ?

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