Corporate social responsibility

Corporate responsibility which is that for us?

  • Doing business honest and sincere
  • Assuming that everybody means best for all
  • Do what you promise
  • Helping each other
  • Care for the environment
  • Paper in the paperbin
  • Cycling rather than driving
  • Use organic and biologic products wherever possible
  • Clean up our street
  • Staff does not exist colleagues do
  • Have fun at work and share this with our customers
  • Growth is not a goal in itself, better quality is

We are in society and talk and meet with all kinds of people the whole day. We hear what's going on and we want to contribute to a postive vibe. We therefore support a number of goals and associations.

A number of initiatives that we support:

Foundation company and society delftTogether making Delft a better place
World Wildlife Fund Protect the Earth
Football Club Full-speed friendly family club
Delft Korf ball Club Warm Association
Delft Mama International (future) mothers
Conservation Delft Municipal monuments organization
Return to SenderFoundation from Katja Schuurman and also our neighbours
Museumnacht DelftOrganisation Museum night for which we arrange locations every year
Meisjeshuis DelftContact point in the city for business owners which care about the city


Not becoming the biggest but the best and happiest broker in the Netherlands.

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