Pop up stores and temporary shops

In these changing times, more and more temporary stores and initiatives in vacant buildings. Many ideas are presented to us.

The owners of vacant properties are increasingly willing to cooperate here. However, if there is to achieve added value for both sides.

The owners are always worried that a building is decrepit or use incurs damage. In addition, there should always be a temporary agreement whereby the location too quickly can be delivered empty again.

The rental for a few days is virtually impossible since it is not interesting for the landlord. You need to thinkin terms of at least 1 months to 6 months.

A well researched and fun plan will lead to an invitation, because we are looking for real entrepreneurs!

You have a great idea?

We ask you to put your idea on the mail which you clearly:

  1. succinctly describes what the idea is, what will you sell / exhibit etc.

  2. Who are you and why are you trusting.

  3. In which period you want to use a location (longer than 1 month)

  4. What you wish to pay as compensation (free of charge or unfortunately does not exist)

Given our busy schedule and the many ideas we ask you not to call us with requests for information.

We are very busy with our normal rental activities.

We have already established many temporary stores, examples:

  • Pop-store route studio in 2010 with about 15 entrepreneurs
  • Perfect pop up, super clothing / interior shop in the Old Langendijk 7
  • Guy Vernes clothing Pop up
  • Hypo super on Front Street 8
  • Flor-Art in the Pepper Street
  • Espresso bar Phoenixstraat 2
  • Gents clothing, Binnenwatersloot 10
  • Mobile Tomatoes nursery, beginning in 2014 at the New Langendijk 66
  • Photo exhibition on Wijnhaven

Other possibilities?

You can also contact our Pop up store partner Studio 2010.

Denise Rontberg & Melanie Haaksma are the driving forces behind this creative company.


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