The delicious hospitality sector

Delft has one of the highest density of restaurants. As a local business broker we have extensive experience in the rental and sale of hospitality businesses and buildings.

We concentrate almost entirely on Delft and especially downtown. As an entrepreneur and innercity dweller we visit many entrepreneurs and we are therefore well aware of the market. We rent and sell restaurants, cafes, hotels, cafés.

We are a big fan of Delft and find that this sector of our city, makes us the friendliest city in the Netherlands!

A beautiful Beestenmarkt, Doelenplein and the Market itself already three very special squares next to the beautiful canals with the many boats terraces.

Come to Delft and enjoy with us!You want to start a business?

You may have a long-standing dream to have a nice catering business. Think that working in the hospitality industry is heavy and at times takes place as you yourself would like to be free.


  • Think carefully about what you want and if this really would be a good idea

  • Explore the market and visit and see potential competitors: more of the same is not better, do it better or differently

  • Create a business plan in which you detail the financial side of your plan. Certainly contact an accountant or auditor. The landlord and we think this is very important: You come across as serious and you know yourself if your plans or work.

  • Realize that a business takes time to set up, the early years often cost money, then you will earn.

  • View the offer on our website and fundainbusiness well as other sites of other parties. Walk through the city and see the different locations, drink a cup of coffee and look and feel how everything works.

  • Engage in a conversation with a bank or a lender. Remember that you can't do without equity really no hospitality business gets funded for 100%. Banks and landlords require this almost without exception.

  • If you are good prospects then make an appointment to go and see sites and show your plans to us. We will also indicate possible locations.

  • If you have found a suitable location, we arrange with you the paperwork.

In short this is manual to realize your dream.

The municipality and zoning

The municipality of Delft has very detailed zoning plans. In the city there is a clear-trade policies. Catering expansions in new locations is always difficult but not impossible in the right places. Catering settle on a location where it is already present, is always easy as long as equivalent in terms of use.

The municipality has a special business desk where you can put your questions: Ondernemersplein

The city of Delft has a number of account managers. This will guide you as an entrepreneur with complicated questions and permit procedures.

In the account, you can find:

  • Information about starting a business
  • Help with submitting plans and requests
  • Information on relevant municipal products
  • Information on all municipal permits and their internal-relationships
  • Information on housing such as business parks, office parks, shopping and business centers
  • Knowledge of municipal and regional policies about establishment
  • Knowledge about the city of Delft and developments within the city
  • Guidance on complex cases.

Hospitality accountmanagers:

Jaap van Konijnenburg: hospitality and retail

Rob Van der Plas: events and catering

Or check out all details on the city of Delft website



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