Interior styling for optimal presentation

You only get one chance to make a good first impression!

Therefore, the presentation of your home plays an important part in the sales process. That first impression potential viewers already have on the Internet: a good photo presentation invites to see your house. And during the tour, it is important that your home is optimally presented.

In practice it often appears that viewers find it difficult to see through personal belongings, furnishings, certain colors and furniture. Unfortunately, they are not seeing the full potential the property can offer!

A professional house stylist can like no other, often with minimal resources, make a house as attractive as possible to potential viewers.

With styling, you increase your chances of a quick sale and a good price.

We work together with Renata from Renations which provides our clients with practical examples of in our eyes optimal home presentation. Our stylists give practical tips and advice on styling your home, before the photographer and potential buyers come. The first impression of your home is very important. We will do everything to make a visit as successful as possible. 

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Tips for the living room

No toys in the room.
All lights on, preferably dimmed.
Clean up the room as neatly as possible.
Put down flowers.
Remove cables and cables from the TV or from the TV.
No photos of loved ones and precious paintings in sight.
Wipe windows so that a lot of daylight can fall inside.

Tips for the kitchen
Clean up the kitchen as cleanly as possible and clean it.
Remove all grease residues from the gas cooker and clean all appliances.
Remove all items from the cooker hood and some decorative items.
Place fruit bowl with fruit.
Empty kitchen table, except decorative decorative articles.
No trash, litter box or pet trays in sight.
Store kitchen mat out of sight.
Remove all magnets from the refrigerator

Tips for the bathroom

Clean up the bathroom as neatly as possible. Use used towels and dirty laundry to store them out of sight. Empty washbasin furniture on some small, beautiful bottles. Remove bath mat unless it is new and fresh. No shampoo vials, toothbrushes or bath toys in sight. 

Tips for the toilet

Make your toilet spotless. Make sure that the lid of the toilet is always down. Remove the following elements from your toilet: toilet brush, trash can, opened soaps, magazines, cleaning products, loose toilet rolls. Do not leave photos or other personal things in the toilet. Check carefully that the light in your toilet functions properly.

Tips for the bedroom

Clean up the bedroom as neatly as possible. Cover duvet smooth and no clothing in sight. Bedside tables empty (except lights). No items under the bed in sight. No items on the wardrobe in sight. No photos of loved ones and precious paintings in sight.

Tips for the study room

Clear as much paperwork as possible from view and the desk as empty as possible. Disconnect or disconnect cords and cables from PC and peripheral equipment. No photos of loved ones and precious paintings in sight.

Tips for the garden / balcony / terrace

Garden furniture neat and cozy. In good weather, fold up the cushions on the garden chairs and the parasol / sunscreens downwards. Toys and garbage containers out of sight.

Question answer Is it important that the sun shines for photographing the inside of my home? Rather not, the interior of your home is best for even light. Bright sunlight gives drop shadow (stripes) and can cause a white kitchen to burn out.

Is it important that the sun shines for photographing the exterior of my home?

A sun on the facade and in the garden gives a more sparkling picture. However, it is true that through the modern photo processing techniques we use, we try to ensure that on a not so sunny day, you still get the feeling that the sun is shining a bit!

How long is the photographer working?

On average 45 minutes.



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