And then your moving

We recommend the number 1 removing specialist:  Joh. van Buuren is a moving company with character, located in Delft, that specializes in performing removals in all forms.

You can have your household / business inventory professionally moved to your new location within the Netherlands or any other country, anywhere in the world. Everything follows a tightly run schedule, so you know in advance how long the the move will take.

If you still are unable to move to your new location directly Joh. van Buuren provides storage space.Thus, any move has its own specific needs and no two moves are the same. A move begins with the assessment visit by an employee of the moving company, at home or at work.

The moving company Joh. van Buuren & Zn. , exists since 1905. Already 95 years top service in removals. Always with the most modern equipment, which previously existed from horse and wagon with wooden wheels and trucks.In short Van Buuren is proud of its past but also the present and the future.

Storage of furniture

Temporary storage of your belongings is and how it may surprise you, absolutely no exception.

Storing your furniture / equipment we have our own dry and save storage reserved for you. They have a volume of nearly 9 cubic meters. That means that virtually all your furniture / equipment will fit, and the full container is still transportable. If necessary, we use more containers.

All containers are numbered. At our office, the codes osted on the outside of the container ar stored, your (company) name will not be mentioned. Because privacy is a high priority for us.

You can also deliver furniture your self. One of our staff helps to place the items in the containers. Thus we have control and is charging the storage again according to our standards. The storage is systematically kept clean and dust free. Moreover, the temperature is controlled automatically and fully protected storage. In short quality at its best.

For Björnd Makelaardij customers, Joh. van Buuren, has the following special offers

  • Free 2 months storage of goods in 9m3 container if removal if outsourced to Joh. van Buuren
  • Or rent 9m3 storage container for 49.50 per month
  • Or special customized quote on international removals

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Umecon - Sells your excess stuff and shares the result with you

Perhaps you have leftover items that can still be used by someone else, but you don't want to sell everything yourself?

Umecom is the address if you have things in the attic or garage that have been lying there for a while with the idea of ​​'throwing away is a shame' or 'they are still worth something', but now (yet) want to.

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