You want to rent your property?

We rent hundreds of homes in the Delft region for real estate investors. Even if you want to rent your home for a short or longer period when you are abroad, you have come to the right place to rent your home, villa or apartment.

We ensure that your rental will be occupied by decent tenants. We take care of everything for you and provide a sharp selection and price.

What we do for you to rent your home?

Our process step by step

Check out our process of effectively renting your property. Became curious? Make a free appointment today.

How to start ?

Following an informal visit to our agency, you will receive access to the current housing market expected rental income, an advice on the rental (asking) price, the way we work and explanation about our services.

We suggest how you can offer your home the best : empty, unfurnished or furnished. And we draft a profile of suitable tenants with you so that we can find the most suitable tenant for you.

If you decide to rent through our office, then you hire us for the following servces:

Advertising and marketing

We are mailed and called daily by many candidates, as we have built a large network with expats and (inter)national and local companies. We match these candidates every day with our offers.

We report the property at about 15 sites including several expat portals:, ,,,,,

Great potential will gain access to the object data from your home through these listings. This gives you the right audience at once.

we present your home in our three window displays. Our window displays are located at strategic locations to reach a broad audience.

We make an extensive rental brochure of your home with photos, descriptions, dimensions, details, maps, aerial photographs and other relevant information. The brochure goes to all potentially interested tenants who have been registered. A functioning hint for prospective tenants.

We can also, if you wish, place a striking "Rent ?" sign.

How do we work

We discuss with you the possible times of the viewings. We always notify you (or current tenants) well in advance of the scheduled appointments. We do viewings with interested candidates and take plenty of time. During visits we give a clear explanation of your accomodation. We look closely at the backgrounds of potential tenants so we are able to inform you of all needed information. You then have sufficient information which is necessary for a sound decision to accept this candidate.

If the property is already let and comes back empty, we visit the house again after appointment with the current tenant. We have a viewing right in every a lease. This provides acces to the property at the end of the lease agreement, so we can offer the property again to candidates. Thus we avoid vacancy.

Negotiation and procedure

If someone has indicated they want to rent the property, the candidate has to deliver:

  • copy of passport or other valid ID
  • copy payslip or contract
  • completed and signed letter of intent (as attached in brochure and at our website)

We will contact the landlord and request permission to let the property. On the basis of these data and the conversation that we held with the candidate we will give you an advice.


Once agreement has been reached on price, delivery and any conditions, then everything verbally agreed will be put in writing in the lease. We will ensure preparation of the lease and the signing by the parties.We will prepare a lease model in accordance with Council of Real Estate. We have years of experience in leases and know exactly what the rights and obligations of the parties. The used ROZ agreement is then supplemented by a number of own special clauses that strengthen the rights of the lessor.

We will email the draft lease to the parties to submit for approval. We will then schedule an appointment for signature. We take care of the administrative formalities and ensure that the deposit is paid.


On the day of transmission, we schedule an initial inspection and the condition of the property determined in an inspection report. During this inspection we will hand over the keys, but not before the first rent and deposit are received.

During the rental period

If we manage the property, on the day the lease ends a final inspection will take place and the condition of the property is compared to the state at the start. Any problems or damages will be resolved.

We can also manage your property. We take care of repairs, maintenance, complaints and notice of tenants for non-payment. We ask for a management fee that covers all costs. For more information visit our our management page


Rental services are negotiable, you usually pay 1 month rent excl. vat brokerage fee.

In case we rent business properties we charge 12% of the annual rent (excluding VAT), to the owner.

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