You are looking for a rental home ?

We generally have between 40 and 80 homes available and for rent. Almost all of our offer are on our website , + 15 other websites. Via our free listings module you can subscribe to receive our daily listings of rentals.

By subscribing to Björnd Makelaardij you choose an effective and efficient way to quickly get excellent housing in the region of Delft.

The listings are daily refreshed and every week we have new properties coming available. If you see a place you like on our site then also read our conditionswhich are always mentioned in english. This way a now rightaway if you can aply for that home and what are procedures are.

A visit to the house is always a good first step. You can shedule an appointment via mail, telephone or you can come to our office at Oude Delft 103.

We a very large screen in our window with shows all rental properties and we have a computer at our offices which you can use to selct properties from our portfolio.

How do we work?

The benefits of registery include:

  • Automatic: via e-mail directly kept informed of new properties that match your wishes
  • Quick results, often within one day
  • Access to the largest selection of apartments and homes in and around Delft
  • Viewings Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and othter times and by appointment
  • Both short (from 1 month) and long (indefinite) term rentals
  • No long waiting lists
  • Always up to date and instantly the complete list on our website
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • No cure, no pay
  • Björnd Makelaardij knows the houses, the landlord and the neighborhood from top to bottom
  • Your personal information is handled with care and discretion and will not be made available to anybody

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Renting a property

Interested in a house of Björnd Makelaardij ? We can schedule an appointment for a viewing. We show you the property and we will have a brochure for you. The brochures are also found at Funda website and can also be downloaded from this website.

If you wish to rent the property should provide us with:

  • Copy of passport or other valid ID
  • Copy payslip or contract
  • Fully completed and signed letter of intent (as attached in brochure)

When do you know whether you can rent the house?

Björnd Makelaardij will contact the landlord and forward your request and full details to the owner. If the landlord agrees, we will draw up a lease in accordance with Council of Real Estate model. We will send an email to you for approval of the lease, then we will schedule an appointment for signing the lease, for the delivery and inspection of the property rented (you receive the key from us)

Rental conditions

If you are a tenant through Björnd Makelaardij we have establish conditions under which you can live in our homes. The owner of the property you are renting is naturally the focused on clean and correct tenants.

Example rental conditions:

  • Suitable for persons X,
  • Whether or not students are allowed
  • 1 Month deposit payable before the commencement of the lease
  • The rent is payble by the first of the month
  • There will be no explanations about the allocation policy
  • Minimum lease 12 months
  • 2 months viewing right for the landlord upon termination of the lease
  • Pets only possible after conference with owner
  • ROZ (
  • No smoking
  • No changes can be made tot the rental

We can also help you find a home !

If you cannot find the house you want, we can also find the right house for you !

How does it work ?

  • We have a meet and greet at our office at which we discuss your wishes and desires. We advice you on neighbourhoods, types of homes and the specific dutch way of living. We provided you with advice during your search where you can focus on the best given your personal circumstances, needs and requirements.

  • We will look for homes over the entire market so you do not need more agents. Every appropriate new home is offered to you via e-mail.

  • We arrange appointments and visits on your behalf.

  • You can explore unlimited in the entire market which has no secrets for us.

  • We support the viewing appointment and inform you about the apartment, the landlord, location, neighbourhood and environment such as schools and public transport

  • If you find a nice house, we negotiate on your behalf with the landlord. For example on another floor, but also on the rent and conditions.

  • We introduce you to the landlord and discuss why you're really the ideal tenant. In short we bring parties together.

  • If you find your dream house, then we obviously arrange a professional contract and answer any questions which you might have. We ensure that the lease actually materializes and both parties are content.

  • On the startdate we arrange an inspection to check if all is well in accordance with the contract. We can help you with utilities and other question you might have.

  • Finally, and that we like best, we ensure that you are in possession of the keys to your new home.

  • For this service we charge a brokerage fee of average 1 month rent excl. vat.

Rent a house?

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