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When buying a home the financial aspect is an important and specific part. Today, the range of financing possiblities is huge. Think of the interest-only mortgage, the savings mortgage, the mortgage on the basis of combined insurance with or without the National Mortgage Guarantee, etc.We work with Mark Financiele Services, Mark Muller is the power behind this independent organization.

We work on the following conditions- Free advice call- There is a fee agreed with you for the services to be provided- No commission from the bank adopted- Always open and honest and sound advice- The lowest possible costs and the best terms- Advice and products for about 60 different banks and insurance companies

As independent mortgage advisers we look beyond the financing of the house. We check whether the chosen mortgage fits into the financial future of the customer. Based on an analysis of the future financial position, the most attractive mortgage will be suggested. We will take into account factors such as working less, (studying) children, removal and retirement (financial planning).

You can also contact us for a second opinion. Then we look at if a suggested mortgage actually reflects the personal situation. So, if you want to be sure, make an appointment for an independent advice.

The main mortgage for you at a glance: (Of course this is a combination of different mortgage possible)

  • I want to repay it later
  • I would like to start repaying

If you want to repay it later, then the primary mortgages are:

Life insurance Mortgage 
Your life is linked to a mortgage with life insurance. While the mortgage is in effect, you repay nothing. You only pay interest and insurance. This way you make the most of the interest deduction. The premium is partly fixed and partly for a term life insurance. The insurance pays out at the end of the term. Because the savings portion of the premium is invested, there is a certain risk attached to this mortgage, the final payment depends on the profits.

For whom 
if you have a fairly high income and are willing to take some risk.

Savings mortgage 
The savings mortgage is a life without risk. Because the savings portion is saved, the final capital guaranteed. The amount of the premium is linked to interest rates, so monthly charges remain the same. Again, a term life insurance included. Maximizes the tax advantage because you do not pay off.

For Whom 
without risk if you want maximum benefit from the tax benefits and equal to monthly.


investment mortgage 
During the term of the mortgage interest and pay premiums for life insurance. To resolve nothing. Part of the insurance premium is invested. The difference with Mortgage Life here is that affect the way your money is invested. Also makes best use of tax benefits.

For whom 
if you have a relatively high income, want to take any risk and would affect where your money is invested.

only intrest mortgage 
With this mortgage you pay interest only. You decide when you want to repay and how you want to amortize. You can at the end of the term a new loan, sell or redeem your house through a benefit from a life insurance policy. You can also repay the interim.

For whom 
if you would like and intermediate to low monthly repayment.

If you want to start repaying, then the primary mortgages are:

Linear mortgage 
With this mortgage you pay the entire duration the same repayment. This means that the interest element of the mortgage becomes less each payment. Your expenses are lower as the duration of the mortgage proceeds. The tax benefit because of the interest deduction decreases.

For whom 
if you have a lot of money, and expects that this will be less in the future .

annuity mortgage 
With an annuity mortgage, you have initially low repayments and much interest. By the end of the term, you repay more, so your monthly payments increase. Because the interest portion decreases more, you also have less benefit from the tax advantage since interest deduction decreases.

For whom 
if you have less money and more revenue is expected later.


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