We can manage your property

Whether you own 1 or 100 homes and want to outsource to a professional Property Manager, you have come to the right place. We have the required knowledge, help hunderds of tenants every year, we forecast and analyze to ensure your rental income.

A happy tenant is worth more than most property owners realize. One month vacancy equals your rent increases in 8 years. If your property manager is not performing optimal this costs you a lot. Property managers often have trouble renting because the organization is focused on internal processes.

Björnd Makelaardij has first optimized our rental activity during the first 8 years. Later we started with property management to form a complete and excellent service guarantee. The Björnd Makelaardij website belongs to the busiest in the region and all properties are listed on many nationwide websites as Funda.nl, huren.nl, pararius.com, xpatrentals.com etc.

Knowledge is Power

Our organization mission is that you should fully benefit from the existing market knowledge, understanding real estate trends and demographic factors and that you can rely on our analysis of all those factors.

Financial and administrative management support, (re)developments, providing purchasing and support services. Above all, we keep your properties in line with market demand and we are long -term committed.

With our knowledge and vision of the future tenant you can also continue to operate satisfactory and this takes you ahead of your competitors.

Good contact with tenants

Björnd Makelaardij is an open organization with a professional staff whom above all love their work. The contacts with tenants is the biggest part of the fun. Our tenants are mostly foreign expatriates or employees of companies that are grateful for good service. Our goal is to to provide top service as we would like to receive our selves if we were looking for a home abroad.

Management for the every investor / owner

For the private landlord we have a management package where we take care of the financial and administrative management, collection of rent and processing of any maintenance problems.The rental income goes through our third-party account and we check if the rent is paid each month. We judge maintenance complaints on its authenticity and always ask your permission for larger amounts for repair. We will try to keep your costs as low as possible.

If a tenant has terminated the rental contract we will take care of the check out and will start finding new tenants for you. In selecting a new tenant a careful selection is made and all data (income, job situation etc..) is carefully checked. You will always make the choice if you accept a candidate, we will always advice you.

Björnd Makelaardij is affiliated with the NVM, which is the brokarage organisation with the highest standards in Holland. This means we have constant trianing, have a legal backoffice and are professionally taking care of your interests.

Tax issues voor private owners

If you manage the property yourself, the tax authorities can see you an entrepreneur. The consequence is that the lease will no longer be listed in Box 3 but Box 1. The rent will be taxed according to income tax is no longer free from tax as in Box 3.

It is there for wise to have your properties managed !


It is important to maintain an overview of the required cost on short and long term. Failure to timely intervene can lead to unnecessarily high maintenance costs.

As your property manager we take care of maintenance issues and can provide multiple offers for needed repairs and maintenance. We have a extensive network of handyman, contractors, cleaning services etc..

We have been working with many of the parties during more then 10 years and quality control is our focus if we give out work orders.  We are constantly feedbacking towards owners, tenants and arranging needed appointments. 

Registration complaints/repairs

A good complaint/repair registration is essential. The number of complaints and the handling of these shows the satisfaction of the tenants. As a good property manager we deal with all complaints and needed repairs swiftly and professionally.


Possible management contracts

We work with two management agreements: financial management and total Management.

Financial management:

We manage the money and you maintain the property

€ 40,- per month excluding VAT

  • Collect and monitor rent payments
  • Manage deposits
  • Preparing monthly rent bill
  • Communication regarding rent through Björnd Makelaardij
  • Communication regarding the property through you


Total management:

We manage the money and property

€ 95,- per month excluding VAT

  • Collect and monitor rent payments
  • Manage deposits
  • Preparing monthly rent bill
  • handling complaints and repairs
  • Maintenance through our network of contractors, plumbers, cleaners, gardeners etc.
  • Payment of work performed / maintenance / repairs
  • Inspections: interim if necessary
  • Debt counseling at default in collaboration with bailiff
  • All communication with tenants through Björnd Makelaardij

If you want multiple properties to be managed through us we can will make you a suitable offer.


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