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A broker has always been someone who advises on every aspect of homes and other real estate.

A broker is a confidant! During the years a change occurred: brokers are increasingly seen as people who earn a lot and do little. However, our experience is that the clients we have helped are very pleased with the service we have provided.

Why you should therefore enable us

  • Access to the entire housing listings of all estate agents and owners
  • Professional negotiators who daily make proper arrangements
  • Buy at the lowest price guaranteed
  • Understanding the whole housing market, laws and all information
  • We explain everything to you and you can make decisions so calmly
  • We examine the zoning, land registry, environmental conditions and structural state
  • Free quotes from qualified contractors and construction companies for a negotiation
  • Discount on construction inspection and notaryfees
  • NVM legal service support
  • Aftercare when there are still problems after the purchase
  • And all at a normal rate

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How does it work?

with buying your new home

An apointment for an informal chat with us in the office, at home or in a place that suits you and of course at a time that suits you: so the evening is possible. In the interview, we will have a lot of questions to find out what kind of house you want, why you are looking for a home and in what location it should be. This allows the broker to build an advice what to do and how to do it. This costs you nothing! If you own a house you like, the broker can estimate the value of your home, so you can determine what your financial space is.

Finding a home

We are as NVM estate broker connected to the largest data network in the Netherlands and have access to data brokers affiliated with NVM real estate projects, and LMV and VBO agents. This system holds data for the past 25 years to find what the salesprice have been, length of sale periodes, all pictures, text and details are accessible to us. But we are looking for more: newspapers, internet, even in our own home listings , etc.

We arrange appointments

The viewings are arranged by us with the selling party, at times suitable to you.


We guide you through and at the viewings, so the right questions are asked and you then know what you see and possibly buy. Each building will be discussed afterwards and we give our opinion on all aspects and compare it with other properties and your search criteria. The gut feeling is it ivery important, but the value for money too!


Prevention is better than cure and so exploring data from sold property is particularly important. We study the zoning, certificate of title, deed of division, association of owners, mortgage registry, environmental status of the soil, building plans in the area and the overall architectural state.

The negotiation

We will determine the strategy that we propose with our experience and you specify what you want to have happen. The knowledge about all parties and procedures is of great importance. We negotiate daily and negotiate much more distant than you probably can. Loosely translated: Knowledge of the market make sure that the right arguments are introduced!

The paperwork

When the deal is done, we then check the purchase agreement and accompanying documents. These are then explained to you, with explanations given on all the documents in 'normal' English or dutch . The signed deed is then submitted to the notary, a deed on which the notary prepares the notarybill which mentions all financial aspects of teh deal. This is checked by us and explained.

To the notary

It is waiting for the day of delivery. We then combined again go to the house to see if everything is in order. During this inspection, the house is checked and inspected and ensure that everything is as agreed. All movable property purchased must be present and further more the house should be empty and evacuated.

We will then accompany you to the notary where the deed is signed by seller and buyer. If you cannot speak Dutch a translator in a language of your choice will be present.

Once the papers are signed you will receive the keys to your new house!

In short, this is the buying process, if you want to know more please feel free to contact us.


These are our hundreds of customers that we already assist with the purchase of their home. Know what you buy, what the value is, at the right conditions, building inspections, zoning and capabilities research , architect and contractor services and know where you stand.

We will assist you with the right home for the lowest price.


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