Energy label

Your housing costs are a significant part of energy. When buying or renting a new house is therefore important to have reliable information on the energy quality of a house. That's why we there is the energylabel for homes.

Sellers and landlords of housing since January 1, 2008 are required to show an energy label. This tag is renewed by January 1, 2010. The innovation focuses on updating the software and the way the consultants work. In addition, the layout changed and there are more explanations given to energy saving measures.The requirements for measurements have been tightened toward the consultants. Also, the label control consultants and their skills strengthened and the penalties for failure to work according to the requirements. The method of recording is adjusted so that the probability of defects due to incorrect image data smaller.

What is the energy for homes?

The energy label for homes gives classes (A to G) and colors (green to red) on how energy efficient a home is compared with other similar properties. Grade A (dark green) is economical, energy efficiency rating (red) is inefficient.The energy you see at a glance whether a home efficient or inefficient compared to other homes of the same type. It is expected that facilitate efficient homes sold or rented, and that its value increases. That's an extra reason to invest in energy conservation. And energy is needed to combat climate change.

Is the energy required?

Sellers and landlords of housing since January 1, 2008 required to hand over an energy label. Interested parties may, if the energy quality of a property taken into account in their decision to that house to rent or buy. At the time that residents of housing change, the seller or lessor hands the energylabel to the new owner or new tenant.


  • Houses that are younger than ten years have no obligation to an energy label. These are all energy efficient building.
  • If you have an Energy Performance or EPA now: Customized Energy Advice contracted out to a certified consultant and between 1 July 2002 and January 1, 2008, you do not need energylabel to be made.
  • There are several other exceptions. Watch them and learn more about the exceptions to

How do I get an energy label?

Only certified consultants can assign an energylabel to your home. Such a consultant has been given special training. The consultant always comes to your house to take measurements of the house.

Collaborative consultant: We recommend Energielabel Haaglanden

What does an energy label?

A consultant may offer the costs for the compilation of an energy label. So ask several consultants to provide a quotation in advance. The cost will depend on the property: a large house requires more work than a small house.

Validity of Label

The energy label is valid for ten years after the labeling. The energy labels issued before January 1, 2010 remain in force up to ten years after. If you already have a label, you can download a free supplement. This document provides information about your 'old' energylabel back into the new layout. This addition is not mandatory but useful when reading guide. You will not obtain a new label.


It may happen that you do not agree with the assessment of your home. Log in to your first certified energy advisor. You can retrieve the image data and discuss with the consultant. When disagree , you can file a complaint at An independent body reviews the complaint and checks whether the energylabel was carefully drafted. As a last resort, there is also an arbitration committee, all certified energy advisors are affiliated.

For more information

  • More information on the energylabel is available at website
  • You can ask about the energylabel and call public information from the central government (Box 51). The free phone number is: 0800 8051 (on weekdays from 8:00 hours to 20:00 hours).


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