Pijnacker is part of Pijnacker-Nootdorp, a village which has become increasingly grown through new construction.

In Pijnacker will find a wide variety of facilities. So you can shop in the modern shopping center The Ackershof. For football, tennis, hockey, netball and recreational swimming and many other sports can be enjoyed in Pijnacker.

Also in education, there is something for everyone. Besides primary and secondary schools can be found there playgroups and childcare. Not only for young people, including the elderly, there are special facilities such as nursing home and care center Weidevogelhof the switch.

Lovers of hiking, biking, horseback riding or canoeing can indulge in the Balijbos and Bieslandse Forest, near the buildings of Pijnacker. They are part of the Green-Blue Slinger, a green and watery 'pendulum' near Pijnacker and Delfgauw.

With the motorways A12 and A13 are nearby cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht are easily reached. The N470 is a highway between Zoetermeer, Pijnacker and Delft South, with a branch to Rotterdam. Pijnacker is also easily accessible by light rail.New construction Locations

The major new housing site can be found in Pijnacker South: Keijzershof. This is where approximately 2,300 homes. It is the intention to realize an annual 300 to 400 homes. Keijzershof is a district with a lot of variation in the construction and features a residential care center, schools, shops, restaurants and a children's center in a downtown area. Keijzershof also get a neighborhood park.

For more information about these construction projects are available at the information center Pijnacker South and www.keijzershof.nl.


The first known occurrence of the name now Pijnacker ("Pina Attacker") was from 1222. It is a composition of the Germanic "pin" (lat: pinus), pine and "akra" field.

In 1812 the municipality of Pijnacker was formed from the following goodies: free glory Ackerdijksche and Vrouwenregt, high glory Temple, and the manors Abtsregt, Biesland, Ruyven and Hof van Delft. In 1817 Abtsregt, Ackerdijksche and Vrouwenregt, Biesland, Ruiven, Temple and split a part of Hof van Delft to individual municipalities. In 1846 Ruyven was added back to Pijnacker.Surrounding areas

To the municipality of Pijnacker-Nootdorp are the villages of Nootdorp, Delfgauw and the hamlet of Oude Leede.

Public transport

Pijnacker is centrally located between the cities of Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague and Zoetermeer. Bus number 55 runs between Zoetermeer and Delft via Pijnacker and Delfgauw. Bus number 174 runs between station North Rotterdam and Delft station via Berkel and Pijnacker-Zuid. Furthermore Pijnacker has two metro stations at the Rotterdam Metro Subway Line E. The subway stations are: Pijnacker Pijnacker Centre and South.Sport

In Pijnacker there is a korfball club called Avanti, two football clubs, namely DSVP (Through Collaboration Obtained Pijnacker) and Oliveo (Our Leus Is Ahead And Conquer), two athletic clubs: K & V (Strength and Quickness) and Oliveo. There is also a hockey club called HCP (Hockey Club Pijnacker), a handball Oliveo, a IJsvereniging called YVP (IJsvereniging Pijnacker) and two gyms, called Sportinstituut Pijnacker where several budosports, spinning, fitness and other indoor sports can be practiced, and Conclusion The Viergang, a complex where one can also fitness, spinning and swimming. In addition, in Pijnacker also a water polo club, a swimming club, a tennis club "TVP" (Tennis Association Pijnacker), a handball, a jeu de boules association (Folatre), a badminton club, tennis club, scouting, dance school "Dance Acker "a volleyball club" Network "and two horse rijverenigingen:" Blue and Gold Vendel "and" RCP "(Equestrian Club Pijnacker)

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