Tanthof west

The Tanthof district was built in the late 1970s as a spacious neighbourhood with lots of greenery and very few high-rise buildings. The district is split into east and west by the Abtswoude Road. Tanthof is a family neighbourhood; many young families live here and services are geared toward them. Most children go to school in their own neighbourhood and residents consider it the most children-friendly district in Delft. Around 15,000 people live in Tanthof. In future there will be a slight decrease in the population as children grow up and move away. Tanthof is the most homogeneous neighbourhood in Delft; more than 80% of the residents are of Dutch origin.

There are approximately 6,900 homes, almost half of which are owner-occupied. Tanthof is easily accessible by car and is close to the motorway. Tanthof West is served by a tram line and Tanthof East is close to the Delft South railway station. There is bus service in both neighbourhoods. There is little through traffic but many pedestrian and cycle paths.

Tanthof has the least amount of reported crime per resident in all of Delft. Vandalism is the most common offence, with bicycle theft a distant second. Rowdiness is more common in this district, a result of the relatively large number of young people. There are very few other problems. Almost 90% of residents feel safe here.

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