Adjusted working method

As of today, we work with a limited office staff and most of our team works from home.

By mail

We are simply available by email and we ask you to email as much as possible instead of stopping by or calling


These continue as planned but the real estate agent prepares the house and remains outside while you view the house yourself.

Of course we do not give hands and ask to touch as little as possible in the house and to keep your visit as short as possible.

In addition, we will offer video visits, then the real estate agent walks through the house and you have a conversation via WhatsApp. 
In addition, we will try to make as many videos as possible of our properties and share them with you, so you can also view the property remotely.


Please only visit our office if absolutely necessary.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you much strength in the near future!

Team Björnd Brokerage