Cancel and move

For a move there's a lot to bearranged.

Your rent must be terminated in writing at our office, preferably via a registered letter with your signature. Please be carefull to respect the termination period as mentioned in your contract.

Please contact us for a final inspection. In some cases we also have an preliminary inspection.

In addition there are the following:

Written termination

Your termination should always be done in writing, by mail (preferably registered) with your signature. Your cancellation is only valid after we received your cancellation in writing (by mail or letter) and have confirmed reception of it.

the termination of the lease is subject to a notice period which is stated in your lease. The notice period is between 1 and 3 months in general. For any exceptions we refer to your lease.

Termination can be done by the 1st of the month. Sign your letter of cancellation, mention all phone numbers and email addresses where you can be reached as well as your new address.

Please note that your letter is due before the date of termination.

Example written termination


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