Damages & problems

Damages & problems

It is always very disappointing when things break down in your home or there is a leakage after a heavy rainstorm. We always like to hear from you as soon as possible what is going on. The sooner we can resolve matters, the lower the cost of a solution generally. A good tenant is also a good house keeper.

Non emergency problems

Non-urgent cases can be reported in writing or email with the form below. Fill out the form and clearly state the point, place and nature of the fault and / or repair. Please include phone numbers, on which we or the contractor can reach you .

Would you report your complaint by telephone, this can be any working day between 9.00 and 17.00 hours on telephone: 015 213 51 39

Really urgent problems

We are reacheable via mail: info@bjornd.nl

Examples of such emergency are as follows:

  • No hot water
  • Failure of the heating (winter)
  • Severe leakages, where significant damage is resulting from
  • Non function elevator and there are no stairs

Not every problem can be solved right away but we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Our emergency service is daily available to solve. Kinds of emergencies: If you are accidentally locked out, get our people open your door for you. In a fire or burglary, we ensure that your property is put temporarily closed, so no one can come. At your property Also burglary damages we recover for you. A common emergencies and also unexpected leakage or flooding.

Note that if work is carried out to your property their must always be looked who must pay the cost!


Report a non urgent failure

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