The most frequently asked questions

How can I best report my failures and damages ?

See repairs and damages

Can I sublet?

No, this is at all times strictly prohibited unless written permission from the owner or manager has been received. To sublet your home or give in use to others, you are committing a default. Landlord may terminate the lease on this basis regardless of any fines and other costs you can expect on top of this.

Where can I find general provisions of the lease

See General Terms and conditions for rental housing

When will I receive the statement of the service?

Within 6 months after closure of the season.

See servicecosts

How and by what date should I terminate my lease?

The rent should be preferably by registered mail be terminated before the 1st of the calendar month and is between 1 and 3 months. This is mentioned in your rental contract.

See Termination and move

When will I get my deposit back?

See checkout deposit

How can I sign up for a rental?

You can use the following rent application form. U can fill out and return via mail, fax or send by post.

Note the required attachments: a copy of payslip / income statement, statement of identity and current manager!

Download rental application form

How can i move the mail to my new adress ?

Use the Post NL move service

You can not pay this month?

I can not pay the rent on time this month, can i make an arrangement?

Contact the rental administration through


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