Home maintenance

Good maintenance is important and increases the enjoyment. Major maintenance will be done by the owner and we arrange this for you. Minor maintenance is done in most cases by your self and for your account.

Which defects are the responsibility of the tenant?

The following maintenance tasks are the responsibility of the tenant:

  • Cleaning and unblocking of sinks, drains and toilets
  • Cleaning pipes
  • Repair and maintenance of taps and prevent freezing of pipes
  • Minor maintenance to paving and garden
  • Witten and wallpaper
  • Cleaning and unblocking of gutters and vents, chimney-sweeping-
  • Maintenance hinges and locks of doors, windows and frames
  • Replacement of broken windows
  • Replaced / create as keys
  • Minor repairs and replacement of shower fittings, bath or toilet
  • Minor repairs to barriers such as tightening and tightening loose parts
  • Repairs to and replacement of elekriciteitsschakelaars, sockets, cable, telephone and - computer connections and doorbells
  • Venting and filling of heating
  • Cleaning and replacing filters mechanical ventilation
  • Minor repairs to the kitchen
  • Control of vermin as mice, silverfishes, snails, fleas, ants, wasps and aphids
  • Interior Painting
  • Minor repairs to railings as tightening and tightening loose parts
  • Replacement of defective lamps in common areas.

What maintenance is paid by the landlord?

The lessor must ensure that the apartment in good condition. If a defect does happen, such as a leaking roof, he must overcome this. The small daily maintenance you should carry out and pay yourself . This may be the interior painting or sweeping the chimney.

Also damage to the property that you have caused is always at your expense. For example you forget your key so you have to force the door, you must do this yourself: to fix and pay.

The following maintenance tasks are responsibility of the landlord.

  • Exterior Painting, painting and stucco
  • Worn locksmithing
  • Stairwell
  • Broken or missing stairs lighting
  • Damaged or defective sink
  • Poor or dangerous gas or electricity
  • Regular blockages in the down pipe / defects in the house sewer
  • Prolapsed or serious creaking floors
  • Maintenance of central heating and elevator installations
  • Loose tiles
  • Poorly fitting doors and windows
  • Separate railings
  • Rotten floor balcony or fence
  • Rotten or rusty lifting beam
  • Severe flooding on the balcony
  • Leakages of roof and gutter
  • Cracks in ceilings and / or walls
  • Cracks and / or loose bricks in the wall
  • Moisture or mold from moisture penetration or leakage
  • Rot in windows and frames
  • Draft slot windows that you can not strip seal


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