You are a new tenant at Björnd Makelaardij !

Welcome new tenant, how do we proceed ?

You have visited the house, provided all documents to us and the owner has accepted you as a tenant.

If you are still looking for a house u can find more information here.

As soon as you have given us all required documents we draft a concept rental agreement. We will send this by email among with the general terms and conditions, with our request to study them and to let us know, as soon as possible:

  • If you agree with the content
  • If and what changes are necessary
  • Which questions you still have

Once the changes have been made, the agreement will be ready to be signed.

How to proceed:

  1. We can send you the agreement in 2 fold, by mail. You can sign both originals and return these to us

  2. You come to our office for signing of the agreement, we will then make sure that the agreement is ready at our office at your convenience. Opening hours 8:30 till 17:00 Monday to Friday.

Once you have signed, we will ensure that both copies of the rental contract will be signed by the landlord.

We will send you 1 original fully signed agreement.

You can enlist your self as resident at townhall (Stationsplein) as of the first day of the rental agreement.

We will schedule an inspection on the first day of the agreement, or on another day later then that if this suits better.

During the inspection we check with you whether the property is delivered to you properly.

We also take the meter readings with you if necessary and and you will receive the key to your new home at the end of the inspection.


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