As an entrepreneur, we have noticed that you yourself often have to look for practical solutions. Some of these solutions, we will share with you. We hope business is going to be easier this way.


You want an easy online invoice and quotation system

Check out : Moneymedic


Holidays administration

VerlofApp the online application for leave and holiday companies . With VerlofApp you save a lot of time and everyone is always aware .

Check out : VerlofApp

You want to start a business but get no funding, but you do have a good plan and some of your own money.

Kkwadraat , the easiest meters for starters store

Nowadays , it is very difficult for new entrepreneurs to realize their dream. Lending has stop almost, because trust and faith in the power of the real entrepreneurs has disappeared and has given way to 100% securing investments by financial institutions. This is a international trend, and therefore this unfortunate for those enthusiastic starters who want to realize thei dream. The beautiful historic town of Delft Delft is the place to be, especially for innovative retail concepts.

Kwadraat invests in emerging entrepreneurs with a good plan, because they believe in the power of innovative store concepts and they just love to ensure that Delft is a varied with innovative shops. Kkwadraat provides the location for the novice trader and funds it if necessary to a maximum of 50 % of the initial capital. In addition, they advise starters where required and they accompany them during the start of their business. Kkwadraat believes in the enthusiastic and innovative entrepreneur and want to give them a chance to be successful!

For more information go to :



You want to start your company via crowdfunding, soon the biggest crowdfunding site will come to Holland.



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