You want to sell or let your property?

The highest price & the best conditions

Of course we negiotate the best and conditions, but also make sure that all parties are happy.

As your broker, we are also there to prevent that after the transaction you are confronted with unexpected developments. For example because a buyer relies on false disclosures or legal violations that are committed.

We take out tiem to answer all questions from both you and candidates. We believe in a extensive visit with prospective buyers and reserve plenty of time for this.

After the viewing we leave a message on our customer's intranet, so you know how the prospects reacted. We regularly assess the situation and adjust the strategy as needed: advertising, calling candidates and posssible price adjustments. Ultimately, this results in a faster deal and a higher price.

We always list a large number commercial properties and are the largest business broker in the Delft market. Due to our large selection we have a lot of contact with prospects.  They decide faster to plan a visit with our office because they can see multiple objects simultaneously.

We build a good relationship with may prospects. A good relationship is the beginning of a good sale or rental.

For more information about our capabilities and conditions please feel free to contact us.

How to start ?

We shedule an appointment fand we confirm the appointment via mail.  After this informal visit from one of our brokers you will receive access to the expected proce, proposed asking price, our services and rates. We will send you a written quotation via mail.

We give you 24-hour access via your customer intranet:

  • all planned visit + feedback regarding visits and the follow-up calls from visitors
  • photos and presentation texts
  • visitor statistics Funda
  • overview of the costs
  • bids + conditions
  • reactions
  • contact information


We introduce your property to our candidates and all other brokers. We list you property on multiple websites:  &


Your property will be presented on 4 large electronic screens, photo presentation in our large window on the corner Oude Delft / Binnenwatersloot, in the centre with thousands of people passing by each week.

Professional brochures

We make an extensive brochure includes many professional pictures, description, dimensions, details, 2D / 3D maps and other relevant information.

The brochure is sent to all potentially interested buyers who are registered with us and who are interested in your property. A properly functioning reminder for potential buyers.

The brochures are also posted as a PDF on and

Professional photographer

We work with three professional photographers who capture your property in detail. People with an eye for a good picture and in advance we give you tips on how your property could look like at its best.

2D / 3D floor mapping

For potential candidates, it is important that they can undertand the layout. Therefore, we off have a professional make a floorplan of the house. This plan will be used in the sales brochure, our website and Funda. In addition, on fundainbusiness the propery can be viewed in 2D and 3D.

Buy it? / Rent? signs

Our signs are particularly striking: orange, bright, challenging and above all you see them all around Delft. We work with professional advertising and so anything is possible.



We arrang visits and notify you throught our customer intranet or call you.

We show your property to all candidates and provide all details required. We take plenty of time for visits. After the visit, we will inform you via your customer intranet. So you can track all your viewings and read how visitors think about your property.

Viewings are also possible in the evening and on Saturdays.


If someone submits a bid, we will contact you as soon as possible and also note the bid in the customer intranert. We advice you on how to respond best to the offer.

If someone submits a bid under certain conditions precedent, such as financing, we inquire as to the feasibility of this option.

If there is agreement on the price, delivery and conditions and everything has been agreed will be documented. We ensure that the agreement is signed by both parties.

We take care of the administrative settlement and check of the agreement. 

On the day of the transfer, we will shedule an inspection to see if the property is delivered as agreed and they keys will be transferred

Even after the transfer of the property, you can still contact us with any questions and / or convenient (job) addresses. We also help with any complaints and / or problems should they arise. For more information on the rental or sale, please contact us.



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