The Buitenhof district was developed in the 1960s and 70s as Delft expanded. It has many high-rise flats. It is a traditional residential district with wide streets, open space and water. Between the high-rise buildings there are also free-standing single-family luxury homes. There are almost 7,200 residences in total. Buitenhof has a large number of rental properties (80%). Almost all of the rental properties are owned and managed by housing corporations as social housing. The most common type of residence is the flat.

Advantages include the spacious lay-out of the district, the natural open space and the cycling paths. The population is very diverse and the many cultures represented make Buitenhof a very colourful, lively and unique place to live. Around 14,000 people live here; 33% is younger than 24 years old.

Buitenhof is easily accessible by car as well as public transport. Two tram lines and buses provide service to the centre of Delft and The Hague.


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