Gist / DSM

Gist (Yeast) DSM area and formerly site of the famous Calve peanut butter factory. The yeastfactory has had a major impact on the city of Delft and is still a major employer in the city.

DSM Delft is the center for biotechnology DSM. They work with renewable materials and microorganisms such as yeasts, bacteria and enzymes to develop new and sustainable production processes. Traditionally, yeast and yeast extracts has been produced in Delft. These are used as flavorings, for example, in soups and sauces. In the laboratories, all sorts of new products are being developed using enzymes, such as salt substitutes and leavening agents for bread. In the test bakery and cheese factory, these products are further tested, and then evaluated by taste panels. If the taste is approved, it as a semi-finished product to a final producer that processes it in its products.

The site is being developed into a biotechnology park under the name Biotech Campus Delft, in collaboration with TU Delft. Besides DSM and the current partners, other companies and research institutes in biotechnology companies can come to settle in the field. Infrastructure, permits and various facilities such as waste water treatment and steam generation are available for this. See also

The Calve terrain is a development location.

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