Indische buurt

A mainly 30s neighborhood on the north side of Delft bordering on Rijswijk and near downtown. A quiet area where new construction is also partially committed project include emerald and 1001 night recently.

History:The streets in this area derive their name to most islands in the former Dutch East Indies, leading to the neighborhood name has led Indian neighborhood. The municipality Vrijenban began with the naming of the 'Indian Neighborhood. On November 18, 1919 the council of that municipality adopted the names Borneostraat and Java Street. Apart from these two streets the city of Delft in 1921 also took over the Celebesstraat of Vrijenban - although the naming of which is not found in the minutes of the council Vrijenbanse. The city of Delft has continued this system of naming in this district until 1956.

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