Industrieterrein Schieweg

The largest industrial Delft, where living and working go together. Makro is here among other located adjacent showrooms and other industrial companies.

Entrepreneurs, developers and the municipality transform Schieoevers from an industrial to a place where living and working go together. This is in the area vision Schieoevers 2030. With around 120 hectares Schieoevers is Delft's largest business. The area is located on the waterfront and near two major highways, Delft South Station and the historic center.Innovative

The plans respond to future innovations in the area, such as railway zone, the station area Delft Zuid, TU Delft and Technopolis. With a function as a testing ground for innovative combination of living and working Schieoevers North transformed from a traditional industrial area to a residential area for new knowledge-intensive and creative entrepreneurs. The central location of the area, new routes and the new activity will make for a lively and dynamic area.Visible

One project under construction is the cable factory, an old factory which is now being used by pioneers as a workspace. Another visible transformation in the Schieoevers is the new feature of the old gelatin factory. This is called Glue and Culture used by drama and theater groups, musicians, photographers, cinematographers and amateur groups. The site is designed as event site.Schieoevers South

The function of business 'thoroughbred' is held by Schieoevers South / Schieweg. The number of jobs must increase it from 40 to 70 placed per hectare. By efficiently target the area with eg dual use, or more layers, the area will be intensified. Simultaneously, the environment must remain attractive. Previously invested in the quality of public space.

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