Midden Delfland

The landscape of central Delfland is a peatland area, but is surrounded by various towns and the nature reserve bordering Delft, Schipluiden and Maasland. A lovely area to live, cycling and boating.

The main economic activity is farming, especially cattle. The livestock sector is characteristic of the landscape. The town hall is in Schipluiden. In Central Delfland is 1400 ha recreation area.

The route for the highway 4 or A4 comes right through the area of ​​Middle-Delfland. By Middle Delfland the A4 Delft go to Vlaardingen. The trajectory was already determined decades earlier, but after years of protests began in 2011 the construction of the A4.

Middle Delfland is the first Dutch municipality since 2008 may propagate the Cittaslow label, because they in the areas of environment, landscape, local products, hospitality, environment, infrastructure, cultural identity and maintaining good scores.

look on: http://www.middendelflandinbeeld.nl/

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