Recreatiegebied Delftse Hout

Delftse Houtis a district in the northwest of Delft. It consists mainly of a recreational lake, forest and greenery. Also here Arboretum Heempark Delft located.

The lake was created in the 60s by excavation of sand to the construction of some new residential areas in the vicinity. When water is now the recreation Delftsehout including a deer park, a children's water play area, a beach and a campsite.

The area is bordered to the west on the A13, the Delftsehout between junctions 8 and 9, and on the east by the Dobbeplas, which belongs to Nootdorp. Remains of a peat bog, the Nootdorpse Lakes, lie north of the Delftsehout and can be reached by crossing the two Molentje Vaart. Delftse Hout is an offshoot of the provincial ecological structure.

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