Rijswijk buiten

Rijswijk Buiten (Outside) is a neighborhood in development between Rijswijk and Delft, a former greenhouse area.

More info: http://www.rijswijkbuiten.nl/

Subplan Zion is the first plan that we started with the development of Rijswijk Buiten. Zion is characterized by its history of the monastery complex, and especially the subsequent country seat. Although almost all of the early building has disappeared recall some buildings, waterways and allotment to the rich history of this area. These cultural elements have been unique starting points for the urban design of Zion, but also for imparting specific identities of some neighborhoods. Typical of the outdoor facilities include the ornamental gardens often carried out with hedges. It is especially these hedges are an important basis in the public area of ​​the new Zion. But you will also find green living path back where the car is supposedly a guest. And where to find nowadays fruit trees back along the hiking trails? Yes, in Rijswijk Outside!

An important historical element in Zion is also the former greenhouses. This will be found in any other way in Zion. In this way, a wink is again made to the most recent past of the area.

The second sub-region with which we started in Rijswijk Outside is little cock. Located next to Zion and at the foot of the Wilhelmina. And this wonderful green park provides the basis for the urban design for little cock; the communal garden for residents' t Haantje. Not just a garden, but one of 150 hectares!

Live along long avenuesWe call the park is not for nothing that the garden of 't Haantje: several lanes with houses form an extension of the park. Along long avenues is soon a diverse array of single-family, two-in-one detached houses as well as detached houses. Obviously with its own spacious garden for you to enjoy. The architecture will have a different appearance than you've seen so far in Zion. Thus each area gets its own character. Of course you can expect a very wide range in various price ranges, as well as rental and sale of various options. The parking will be arranged like in Zion in so-called parking courts, causing the small streets here are car-free.

At the edge of the area and the park are several small apartment complexes. In this way, embraces the residential little cock the Wilhelmina!

Rijswijk Outside lies 'outside', but in close distance from the center of Rijswijk, Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam even. Five minutes by bike and shopping center In de Bogaard is within range. The old center of Rijswijk is straight ahead. But also the historical center of Delft is just around the corner.

The A4 and A13 are on the roads but also a few minutes away. And not only that even the public transport you can expect in Rijswijk Buiten. Right now you can only use eg tram 17 which stops in Hoekpolder in Rijswijk, as well as the bus stops there. However, we assume, that will stop the bus in Rijswijk out within a few years.

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