Voordijkshoorn / Rodekruisbuurt

Voordijkshoorn is a spacious district with a lot of greenery. It was built after 1945. The number of homes has increased in recent years due to new neighbourhoods being built. Today there are around 4,000 homes, 40% of which is owner-occupied. Voordijkshoorn has mostly flats and individual family homes.

Around 9,000 people live in the district and the average age is 37. There are many families with children. Thanks in part to the many playgrounds, it is one of the most child-friendly districts in Delft.

The district lies on a major artery, making it easy to reach the motorway and neighbouring towns. The centre of Delft and the railway station is 10 minutes away by car. There is also good bus service.

The crime rate in Voordijkshoorn is the second-lowest in Delft (after Tanthof). Around 88% of the residents feel safe, which is a little more than the Delft average.

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