Schoemaker Plantation is green living in the city

A brand new house with a garden and park in front of the door. Attractive? Meet Schoemaker Plantation. Here you live in peace at 10 minutes biking distance from the heart of Delft!

Many different houses spread over two neighborhoods

On the old TNO location opposite the Technical University of Delft is a completely new residential area with a park and about 800 to 900 new houses. The houses we build in phases, so that the Plantation Schoemaker can grow naturally. Here feel inside and out. From day one!


With the design, the architect created a contemporary translation of the Delft School. We label this as the 'New Delft School. The Schoemaker Plantation feels like a town and a garden village.

The grass is really greener in Schoemaker Plantation

How the park is that we do not know exactly. Initially, the content is determined by temporary initiatives. Think natural playgrounds, pick gardens and vegetable gardens. Later, we will determine the final interpretation. Preferably with you. It is certain that you can later play, relax and sports. A park for everyone.

This car-free green area is ideal

The TNO premises in Schoemakerstraat is transformed in the coming years to the beautiful new neighborhood 'Professor Schoemaker Plantation. Anyone who is looking for a property with a garden and greenery in the neighborhood, you will undoubtedly find a wonderful home.

Professor Schoemaker Plantation is adjacent to the TU Campus. The residential area is built on the former TNO-terrain between Schoemakerstraat and the main green ecological zone along the A13. On the north side of the district connects with the Area Professor and Professor Evertslaan.

The location is characterized by the beautiful, green edges the planning area as it were embedded in a green landscape. The new green and water structure and the new walking and cycling routes fit in seamlessly with the existing structures and connections of the city of Delft, providing you with 10 minutes cycling in the heart of Delft. The parking spaces for residents are largely clustered in courtyards and under residential decks. This allows the Professor Schoemaker Plantation maintains its green appearance and the delicious low-traffic area. What a nice place to live and grow up, here you can safely adventure.

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