Creating a business plan

Many good ideas start on a napkin. Do you have a good business idea? With a business plan (business plan) you make your idea solid.

What is a business plan?

In your business plan, set your own schedule in a row. To answer questions like:

  • What am i going to do exactly?
  • Where am i going to draw me?
  • What legal form do i choose?
  • Is there a market for my product and how do i get customers?
  • How much money do i need to get my plans off the ground?

Why prepare a business plan?

A business plan is useful to understand your plans. You can also use the business when applying for a bank loan. But there is more.

Create a business plan and find out for yourself:

  • What personal qualities are essential for your business
  • How you (and the bank also) can see all of your plans are achievable
  • Who are your potential customers and how do you match/kill the competition
  • That thinking about risks and liabilities is worth your time
  • What financial information you need to record in your business plan.
  • Landlords of buildings take you seriously

A number of large banks (Rabobank, ABN AMRO and ING) cooperate with Qredits.

Qredits is the only nationwide microfinance organization.

Qredits helps starting and existing entrepreneurs in the successful (re) start their business. We do this by offering entrepreneurs tools, personal coaching and providing microloans to € 50,000, and SME loans to € 250,000, =.

The vision of Qredits is to make entrepreneurship in the Netherlands accessible. We want to help businesses quickly and efficiently on track to achieve their dreams, while we look at your future rather than to your past.


  • Assessment of your business in your home;
  • Coaching a focus;
  • All products and services aimed at the small business;
  • Personal contact;
  • Qredits has no profit.

Need help with your business plan?

If you want to start a business, it is wise to make a business plan. Qredits you would like to help on the way here.

The business plan template is an example of a business plan. The explanation you read on the page notes to a business plan.

What is the advantage of the business plan template?

  • It puts your own ideas on paper
  • It contains all the necessary ingredients for a good plan
  • You can use it for your potential business partners and for any credit application
  • It's free!

Download the 'business plan template of Qredits

You want to tackle it seriously and like to apply for funding to Qredits?

Register your business with e-learning 'Business Plan Writing of Qredits


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