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As an entrepreneur, you also need housing for your company.

As your business grows, you need more space or a better location.

If your business requires less space, or is in trouble we are also a partner.

If you start a company it is of course important to find a suitable space and location. The rent must fit within your budget, the site must meet your criteria.

We can help you as a broker. Our market knowledge and contacts we maintain with various parties, means we can often solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

It is also important to have knowledge of leases and the (im)possibilities out there. For example the VAT situation may raise questions. If you are not VAT company then there are many premises with a VAT replacement surcharge. This as landlords are not able to deduct VAT on maintenance. Your tax situation and the landlord is of great importance. We are therefore trying to be a source of information for the local entrepreneurs.

We know the local market and often anticipate on the needs of the entrepreneur and landlord. We also have contacts with several investors interested to let or rent property to buy. An investor is looking for return and because you are looking for a suitable space, so can use your financial capabilities for your business. The Delft market is characterized by a wide variety of shops, offices, business premises and restaurants.

The Hospitality sector is one which many developments are taking place. You want to start a business / take over or move. Since 2007 the municipality encourages this and has changed their approach.

We can help you search, rent, lease, purchase, sale or valuation of your business.

In short many opportunities which can start with a good confidential conversation!



We act on behalve of:

The City of Delft

Care Foundation Pieter Foreest

Van Haaren Vastgoed

De regenboog groep

Liefhebber Vastgoed

Speakers Delft

Vastned Retail

Cepezed Projects

many local businesses including restaurants and bars: Bar sil, Kobus Kuch, Rossio, De Kurk, Einstein, La Bocca, De Beiaard, de Verbeelding, lunchroom Zondag......

Many large and small investors and entrepreneurs.



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