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A broker is traditionally someone who advises on every aspect of real estate and is a counselor!

During the years change has occurred: brokers are increasingly seen as people who earn a lot and do little. However, our experience is that the clients we have helped are very pleased with our performance & opinions. A performance needs to be  delivered, otherwise you might as well do everything yourself.

Why would you become our client ? 

  • always a trusted professional at your side
  • we are know by all parties in the region
  • access to the entire range of all investors, municipalities, brokers and individuals
  • professional negotiators who daily make proper arrangements
  • guaranteed buying at the lowest possible price
  • understanding of the entire market and all information
  • we explain and you can thus make funded decisions
  • we examine for you the zoning, kadastral registry, environmental and structural condition
  • free quotes from expert contractors and construction companies before you negotiate
  • discount on building inspection and notary
  • NVM legal service support
  • after care: tackeling problems after the sale or lease
  • all this at a normal rate


How does it work?

An appointment for a meeting with us in a place that suits you and of course at a time that suits you. We will ask you a lot of questions in the interview to find out what kind of service you are looking for, why you are looking for this and where you are looking for it.

As an entrepreneur the important criteria are : location, zoning, parking, public transportation, fiber optic internet, contract duration etc

We answer all your questions or to find the answers. Together we arrive at an opinion.

Search for property

We as NVM broker connected to the largest data network in the Netherlands and have access to data brokers affiliated with NVM, RVT, LMV and VBO. We can provide it for the past 25 years to find what the sales were sales times, but also all images, texts and details are accessible to us. What we are looking for more: in our network, newspapers, Internet, selling our own files yet, wrists at other brokers etc .. We do not just rely on a computer, as many colleagues do, since this is not the whole offer covers. We arrange appointments

The viewings are arranged by us with the selling/renting parties, at times that suit you.


We guide you be at the viewings, so that the right questions so you know what you see and possibly buy. Each property will be discussed afterwards and give our opinion on all aspects and compare it to other premises and your criteria. The gut feeling is it is often very important, but the price / quality ratio too!


Prevention is better than cure and so it is investigating the sale premises particularly important. We examine the zoning, proof of ownership, division deed, owners association, mortgage register, environmental status of the soil, building plans in the area and the overall structural condition.the negotiation

We define together the strategy which we do with our experience and suggest you indicate what you want to happen. The knowledge about the counterparty is of great importance. We negotiate almost daily and negotiate much more distant than you can likely.

Loosely translated: knowledge of the market makes that the right arguments can be inserted!


The paperwork

Is the purchase or lease around, then we check the Act and related documents. These are then discussed with you, which explains about all the pieces in 'normal' Dutch. Upon sale the signed contract is then submitted to the notary, which draws a deed with a financial summary. This is controlled and explained by us.

When rent is the rent deed return sent to the rental party and scheduled an appointment for inspection.the delivery

It is waiting for the day of delivery. We go together again to look at the property if everything is in order. During this inspection, the property is well viewed and checked if everything is so agreed.

Upon sale: We then go with you to the notary where the deed, afrekenstaat you be reviewed.

Once these have been reviewed you will receive the keys to your new property.


Tell us, we will be happy to assist you.

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