Do you need an Appraisal ?

You have bought a new property ?
You are going to rebuild ?
You need a mortgage ?
You need an appreciation for the treasury ?
You want to buy a new property but do not know what it's worth ?
You have a difference of opinion about the value of your house during a property settlement?

We value homes, apartments, business premises, catering objects for individuals and businesses. What is a property worth? Ask us that question and you will receive a reliable answer. As one of the largest brokers in the Delft regions, we are aware of the market situation like no other.

With an appraiser from Björnd Makelaardij you have certainty about the value of your property. That can be a good handle if you are about to buy or sell a property and you have doubts about a realistic asking price.

Commercial property appraisals and other objects

We are your appraiser for business premises, in particular Small business buildings are familiar territory for us, especially the city center of Delft we know better than anyone.

As the largest local business broker we are registered as a business appraiser at NVM, Vastgoedcert & NRVT and we value, among others, for Rabobank, ING, Abnamro, FGH Bank, Triodos Bank and many other parties.

Where do we value business premises?

Delft, Delfgauw, parts of The Hague,

Pijnacker, Rijswijk, Delfgauw,Den Hoorn,

Schipluiden, Den Hoorn and Wateringen.



How does that work ?

We determine with you what type of valuation you need and we will send you a suitable offer.

It must always be clear for what purpose the valuation is drawn up, for example: valuation of the property in leased state or vacant for financing.

Ask your mortgage provider for a clear appraisal goal that simplifies matters for you and prevents unnecessary adjustments afterwards and therefore delays.

A quotation must always be issued, which you must sign for approval. We ask you for all necessary documents (including lease contracts, current rents, floor plans, etc.) In addition, we consult various authorities regarding the zoning plan, soil conditions, etc ..

Then we shedule an appointment for inspection of the property and we view the state of maintenance, location and all other matters on site.

The report is then drawn up and it is also viewed by a second appraiser who will draft a plausibility statement, if he agrees with the report.

We present the draft report to you and then the valuation is signed and delivered to you by e-mail.

How long does something like this take?

The lead time is usually 2 to 3 weeks and depends on the complexity of the valuation and when we have received all requested information (from you and the authorities).

What does it cost?

The costs vary enormously as properties and issues also do.

You must count on a rate between 850, = and 3500, = excl. VAT, we will prepare a suitable offer for you after you have told us what you need.


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